• IGT8 IGT8 19 2019 1/8th Car FULL Bearing Set

This Bearing Set is by RCbearings to fit the IGT8 IGT8 1/8th nitro car 

This is a FULL COMPLETE set and will replace all bearings within the kit.

METAL - Will last longer in clean conditions

RUBBER - Best used if exposed to dirt 

The bearings come pre-lubricated, so all you have to do is fit them to your model.

This set contains

2 of 5x10x3 - Clutch

2 of 5x10x4 - Clutch

2 of 5x8 - Brakes

2 of 5x11 - Diff Case

2 of 5x13 - Diff Case

2 of 8x12 - 2 Speed

4 of 8x14 - Wheel Hubs

4 of 8x16 - Diffs

2 of 8x16 - 2 Speed Shaft

4 of 13x20x4 - Wheel Hubs

26 Bearings in TOTAL 

Bearing sizes will be supplied clearly labelled for ease of fitting 

The different size bearings for this Set will come supplied in individual labelled sealable bags to make identification and storage easier.

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IGT8 IGT8 19 2019 1/8th Car FULL Bearing Set

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  • Product Code: IGT8-IGT8-19
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