Sponsored Drivers

RCbearings.co.uk runs a small sponsorship programme to help support a variety of drivers/flyers in various different areas of RC activities.

The sponsored drivers/flyers receive a store discount of 12.5% at the standard level of sponsorship, rising to 25% when at Pro level. Pro level is as much to do with the help in promoting RCbearings.co.uk as it is being a top level competitor.

I am currently putting together lists for our existing drivers/flyers and will post a note here once able to take more on.

1/10th IC 220mm GT

Name - Glyn Beal

Main Class - 1/10th IC 220mm GT  and 1/8th GT

Additional Classes - 14 BRCA Championships, 2007 Euro Champion

Sponsorship level Full Factory Team Driver

Sponsorship period - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Participation -   2016 BRCA 220mm Champion, 2016 220mm Open Champion, 2016 BRCA 1/8th GT Champion, 2016 1/8th GT Open Champion, 4th in a very WET Zagreb European Championship, TQ and win in Madrid National Championship. 2015 220mm GT BRCA championship in pouring rain, 2014, 2013 BRCA Championship winner also won the brca championship 13 times in other classes and I won the 2007 euro championship

12th Circuit

Name - Luke Westwood

Main Class - Mardave Circuit

Additional Classes - 1/10 2wd, 1/10 4wd buggy

Sponsorship level - Pro

Sponsorship period - 2012

Participation - Club level, Ardent Raceway, Regionals


10th Electric Touring Car

Name - Paul Morrissey

Main Class - 10th Electric Off Road and On Road

Additional Classes - Micro Off Road

Sponsorship level - Pro

Sponsorship period - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015

Participation - Mendip RC Raceway, WORM Micro Racing, BRCA South West, SICC


10th Electric Off Road - GT12 - DT02

Name - Colin Kirkham

Main Class - 10th Electric Off Road South West Regionals, oOple and Maritime Winter Series

Additional Classes - GT12 Superstox Frome Club and CWICS, along with Tamiya DT02 Challenge 2015

Sponsorship level - Pro

Sponsorship period - 2015- 2016

Participation - SW Regionals, oOple, Maritime winter series, Frome Club, CWICS and Tamiya DT02 Challenge


Name - Chris Lovely

Main Class - 1/10th Xray range of Touring Cars

Additional Classes - N/A

Sponsorship level - Standard

Sponsorship period - 2012

Participation - Hpi Challenge, Btcc and Torc series.  Brca clubmans series finished 4th in the championship 2011.